Cynthia Markert
"Mother Portrait in Copper" by artist Cynthia Markert


What is Mauzy Broadway?

Mauzy Broadway is the salon of reincarnates of the "new woman," the "odd woman," "the flapper," and the "free thinking woman." The name Mauzy Broadway came to me as I drove down Interstate 81 and would see a sign on the highway: Mauzy Broadway. Each time I drove past the sign my imagination became more entranced wth women dancing in pearls to Artie Shaw and swooning over Satie. One time I decided to visit Mauzy Broadway to see if it were such a place. I drove down a little road for a while and came to a split with Mauzy to the left and Broadway to the right. I chose Broadway, and sat on the curb for a while in this little town drinking a soda as a toast. One day there will be Mauzy Broadway coffee salons, Mauzy Broadway tea rooms, and Mauzy Broadway speakeasies with live jazz. The spirits of these treasured women need thier salon, that came to me from a sign on I-81.


Copyright ©2008 Cynthia Markert